Hey there! I’m Alisha, the founder of Aware Fertility. As a nurse, wife and mother based in Australia, I seek to empower women to learn about their fertility through use of the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning. I know how important it is to feel confident with the method you have chosen and will do my best to support you in your journey using the Marquette Method.


My Natural Family Planning Journey
I knew of Natural Family Planning and had loosely tried mucus and basal body temperature methods prior to marriage to track my fertility but I found it difficult to be consistent in monitoring. Only after having children did I actively begin to look into the different methods. I felt particularly anxious about how I would navigate my fertility postpartum. Coming across Marquette Method was truly a sigh of relief. I loved how objective and simple the method was for me, and I want to bring more awareness to the Marquette method in Australia.


Why I became a Marquette Method Instructor
I am passionate about women’s fertility and being a Marquette Method Instructor is the perfect role for me. The Marquette Method is always evolving to align with ongoing evidence based research in fertility. I aspire to encourage couples in understanding their fertility and health through charting using the Marquette Method. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to grow the method in Australia.