A simple NFP where science meets fertility.





Natural Family Planning (NFP) with the Marquette Method

A modern approach to family planning that uses a combination of fertility awareness and technology to help couples achieve or avoid pregnancy. It is a scientifically-based method that integrates tracking of menstrual cycles with the use of the ClearBlue fertility monitor.

At Aware Fertility, certified Marquette method instructors deliver personalized training and continuous support, guaranteeing precise interpretation of hormonal data and informed family planning choices.

Why Marquette?


The Marquette Method’s effectiveness in preventing or achieving pregnancy is comparable to other modern NFP methods when used correctly. However, its reliance on technology may make it more appealing to certain couples who value the added assurance of objective fertility tracking.


While other NFP methods rely heavily on subjective observations of fertility signs, the hormonal monitoring aspect of the Marquette Method provides more objective and scientific approach with measurable data. This can be particularly beneficial for couples who may have irregular cycles that make traditional NFP methods more challenging to use accurately.


Like other NFP methods, the Marquette Method offers couples the flexibility to tailor their use based on their individual circumstances and preferences. Whether you have a regular cycle, irregular cycle, breastfeeding or perimenopausal – there is a protocol fit for you.