What is the Marquette Method?


The Marquette Method is a sympto-hormonal form of Natural Family Planning (NFP). It begins with educating couples about the woman’s menstrual cycle. In traditional forms of NFP, women are taught to observe various signs of fertility, such as cervical mucus changes, basal body temperature (BBT), and other physical symptoms. The Marquette Method adds a layer of objectivity with the use of a fertility monitor which measures oestrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels.


Couples can then chart this data and identify fertile and infertile patterns of their cycle. They can then choose whether to abstain from intercourse during fertile periods to avoid pregnancy or engage in intercourse during fertile periods if they are trying to conceive.


Overall, the Marquette Method offers couples a natural, hormone-free approach to family planning that is based on scientific principles and personalized to each individual’s unique menstrual cycle patterns. It empowers couples to take control of their fertility while respecting the natural processes of the body.


Why Marquette?



The Marquette Method’s effectiveness in preventing or achieving pregnancy is comparable to other modern NFP methods when used correctly. However, its reliance on technology may make it more appealing to certain couples who value the added assurance of objective fertility tracking.



The use of a fertility monitor in the Marquette Method adds an element of objectivity and precision to fertility tracking. While other NFP methods rely heavily on subjective observations of fertility signs, the hormonal monitoring aspect of the Marquette Method provides more measurable data. This can be particularly beneficial for couples who prefer a more scientific approach or who may have irregular cycles that make traditional NFP methods more challenging to use accurately.



While the initial investment in a fertility monitor for the Marquette Method may be higher compared to other NFP methods that rely primarily on charting physical signs, some couples may find the long-term cost savings significant, particularly if they avoid the ongoing expenses associated with other contraceptive methods.



What supplies do I need?
If you decide to use the Marquette Method, you will need to purchase the Clearblue Touch Screen Fertility Monitor and single use test sticks.

Australians can purchase these from Amazon Australia.

How much does the method cost?

  • The Clearblue Touch Screen Fertility Monitor is a once off cost of around $200 AUD.
  • Clearblue Fertility Monitor test sticks are around $80/box with 30 test sticks. The number of test sticks you will need per month is dependent upon your stage of fertility. Women whose cycles have not returned or are breastfeeding can expect to use around 30 test sticks per month – ~$80/month. Women in regular cycles can expect to use 10-15 test sticks per cycle – ~$30-40/month.